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Finca La Rivera

La Rivera
La Rivera

Erica Vargas, young farmer and creator of the Rivera Café, is one of the largest motivators to undertake and drive the farming processes in the field. Her people, with their effort and dedication, are responsible of the coffee's incredible flavor and aroma.  At this point the generational junction begins, where the strength, knowledge, culture and traditions of the experts are transmitted to the love and passion of the youngest. Today she represents the fourth generation of a large coffee family, with recognitions in the Cup of Excellence competition, representing Boyacá nationally, with a cup score of 86.75 points. Arkaika is a direct partner by promoting and providing the coffee of this young farmer and her family. We strongly encourage her to upgrade the processes of the coffee making industry, so that she can grow and improve to be up to the respective competition. Arkaika motivates Erica, her family and employees, recognizes their quality and effort by purchasing her coffee at price 50% higher than the average market.

Seneca Helix

Since the very beginning of our venture conceptualization, Arkaika has been working with Seneca College's innovation and entrepreneurship incubator HELIX. This partnership has provided Arkaika with plenty of resources required to build, design and improve every edge of our business through the application of innovative solutions. Starting with the INNOVATION strand in October of 2018, followed by the PITCH event, and later through joining mentoring sessions with Coach Alan Luk, HELIX has been part of every single step accomplished by Arkaika including:

  • Exhibiting at the 2019 Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo setting a company record by selling 50lbs of coffee;
  • Securing an agreement with the Seneca Student Federation (SSF) to be their preferred vendor (official coffee provider) for the Coffee & Cookies events held during exam weeks;
  • Donating $600 to Seneca’s Campaign for Students in support of students and in honour of our company’s Mission Statement and commitment to social responsibility;
  • Coming together with HELIX venture EMERGE to provide free coffee to hospitals across the Greater Toronto Area. Our donations served as appreciation for the work done tirelessly by the health sector during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Gifting free coffee to HELIX venture Afro Women and Youth Foundation to be served at the workshops they provide to refugee women and youth in Toronto and York Regions.
La Rivera
La Rivera